Mountain hiking tours

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A long-cherished wish that wants to come true

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A mountain hike over alpine pastures past the mountain lake in the sparsely-vegetated landscape of boulders and scree to the unique panorama over the glacier to the peaks in the area.
The tours take place in the Alps. There are no tours in the lowlands and hills.
The offers are chargeable. 

Training and tour management: Bühler Heidi Workuing on hanging rope, level 1 SBV cert. hiking guide, cert,
Endurance sports coach, for mountain sport, cert. avalanche training SMT-SBV winter 3 cert. Paramedic 3 IVR cert.

Dates: April-Oktober
Bookable daily.

1 person Fr. 320.-
2 person Fr. 160.- par person
from 3 persons Fr.106.- par person
Group 1-20 person Fr.350.-

Individual data on request. Tours: look at "Bergwander-Touren"
(Photo credits: Heidi Bühler and obkgggmg)
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Glaciers the water reservoirs of the earth.

How much water does a person need in  two days?

You experience nature up close by sleeping in a bivouac tent in untouched nature under the starry sky. They carry all the necessities for  this  stay with them themeselves. They set up their tent and cook their own dinner and breakfast coffee. They pay special attention to their water consumption. A minimum consumption that cannot be undercut.
They hike to the glaciers, the largest water reservoir tn the Alps, where they can see the retreat of the perpetual ice. You see the scree left behind by the glacier and at the same time you see the increase in grazing area for wild animals and sheep as nature creates itself. The retreat of the glaciers also promotes biodiversity where 50 jears ago there was a desert, you can now hike through a secluded mountain valley.
We will devote most of our time to our main topic, microplastics, which will occupy us over the next few decades. The rained-off microparticles on the glacier get into our water cycle through the meltwater to the oceans and back again.

Bivouac guide: Heidi Buehler, hiking guide, cert.

Included: Tent, cooker, guide,
Exclusive: Rental material, travel expenses, food and drinks
Prix: Fr.355.- par person
Data on request.
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