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Fear of hights

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Become safe like a tightrope walker.

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This offer is designed for adults.

The fear of fear. Like a tightrope artist balancing over the rope, you will overcome the steepest  cliffs and traverse path over chasms. Regain the confidence to undertake demanding hikes independently. Overcome  fear of heights.

-Only about 4% of the population suffer from a fear of hights (acrophobia), but 28% from altitude vertigo (visual altitude intolerance). (german Society of Neurology), Fear of heights and height vertigo can easily be confused.
-Since both can cause dizziness and thus anxiety when those affected look  into the depths, it is easy  be confuse.

-With altitude vertigo (visual height intolerance), dizziness occurs as soon as you move away from the ground or stand on an abyss.

-Altitude vertigo, in contrast to fear of heights, is a normal phenomenon and not pathological. Anyone who is in exposed places at a higher altitude above the ground assesses their own posture as unstable. (wikipedia.org)
-If one suffers from fear of heights as a phobic disorder, sweating and panic attacks occur when looking into the depths. Dizziness is also not uncommon. In addition, those affected often describe the fear of losing control and thereby falling or being attracted to the abyss.

-Fear of heights only defeats them if they face their fear.

-With the help of VR glasses, they can explore an exposed environment particulary safely.
-With the help of  breathing exercises, they can regain control and calm themselves in the event of a panic attack.
-Fear of heights can not be lost over night. If they  regulary face their anxiety factors,they will get used to it and overcome the fear of heights. (praxistip.de)
-Balance exercises are often very helpful to get rid of dizziness.
-A solid basic fitness and training are a building book to overcome altitude vertigo.
-If heights vertigo occurs, you can sit down or lie down. Likewise, fixing nearby objects with the eyes helps to overcome the altitude vertigo. The brain can thus reclassify the information contraction between visual and movement.You don`t hike over glaciers. The offers are subject to payantes.

Trainng instructor: Bühler Heidi trainer for endurance sports, im mountains, cert. AGSM-SMT winter level 3, cert. SLF snow and avalanches A,  FSEA1 cert.
Data individually on request and your preferences.
Workshop: Fr.175.- par person from 2 Persons
Individuel: Fr.55.-/h. 1 Jour Fr.350.-
Inquires and booking at your desired location.
(Photo credit: Heidi Bühler)
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Man wird aussergewöhnlich, in dem man aussergewöhnliche Methoden probiert. Shi Heng Yi

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Lawinen-Kurs/ Lawinen-Workshop
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Daten auf "Lawinen-Workshop":
1-Tag: Januar-April 2024:
Planung, Einzelhang Beurteilung, Faktor Mensch
Alarmieren, LVS-Suche, Bergung, Risikomanagement
. Nach den Richtlinien von SMT-SBV / WSL-SLF. Auch für Skitourer geeignet.
Booking: Täglich individuell  bis um 17.00 Uhr am Vorabend.

Kurs-Instructor: Bühler Heidi, Snowshoe tour instructor, SMT-SBV Winter3 zert, WSL-SLF Schnee und Lawinen A,  AdA ZA-DL SVEB1 zert.
Fr.185.- pro Teilnehmer ab 2 Buchungen!
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Geführte Schneeschuhtour Surprise:
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Zeit/Time/Heure: 4-6h / ascent/ descent: 450-1200hm.
Distanz: 7-14km.

Level: easy-medium. Auf ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt.
Tour-Instructor: Immer von Bühler Heidi personell geführt.
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Anmeldung bis um 17.00 Uhr am Vortag.
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Randonnée surprise en raquettes :
Visite guidée en raquettes
toute le jour.
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La visite exacte sera annoncée la veille et est concue en fonction des conditions et des participants.
Instructeur de tour: Bühler Heidi, personell Guide de randonnée en raquettes.
SBV-AMT hiver 3, SLF-WSL neige et avalanches A. SVEB1.
Renseignements jusqu`à 17h le jour d`avant. L`inscription est obligatoire. Réservation via le formulaire de réservation. Prix a la liste de "Prix".

Daily snowshoe tour surprise
dayly bookable.
Reservation via this website.
The exact tour will be announced the day before and is designed according to the snow conditions and the participants.
Tour instructor: Bühler Heidi, personell Snowshoe tour guide. ABV-AMT winter 3, SLF-SMT snow and avalanches A. SVEB1.
Registration and information until 5 p.m. the day before. Registration is mandatory. Booking via the booking form. Price in the list "Price"

Zermatt, Binn, Kandersteg, Gstaad
Winter 2023-24: 
Booking über diese Webseite! Informationen findest du in der "Navigationsliste" links, oben. "Lawinen-Workshop"
Daten: Täglich November-April.
Inalt: Planung, Lawinenzonen, Schneearten, Lawinenprobleme, Faktor Mensch, usw..
Inclusive: Kursleitung durch Heidi Bühler persönlich, Snowshoe hiking tour guide, cert. AGSM-SMT Winter niveau 3, cert. WSL-SLF Schnee und Lawinen A, SVEB1 cert, usw...
Anmeldung und Auskunft siehe "Lawinen-/Schneeschuh-Workshop"
Anmeldung zu den Workshops  jeweils
bis 17.00 Uhr am Vortag. Ihre Anmeldung ist erforderlich. Preis in der Preisliste "Kosten"

Atelier de avalanche en raquettes:
Zermatt,  Binn, Kandersteg, Gstaad
Reservation via ce site.
Hiver 2023-24:
Novembre-April sur demande.
Les informations se trouvent dans le "bare de navigation" en haut à gauche.. "Atelier de raquettes" et "Atelier d`avalanches en raquettes"
Thèmes: Dangers, problèmes de neige ancienne et nouvelle,  avalanche zone, planification, facteur human. etc...
Instructeur de course: Bühler Heidi personell, snowshoe hiking Guide zert.,
SMT-SBV Hiver 3, WSL-SLF neige et avalanches A, AdA ZA-DL SVEB1
Dates: Novembre-April: quotidien
Ces cours sont également organisés individuellement, à la date souhaitée.

Inscription et renseignements jusqu`en 17.00 h. le jour d`avant. L`inscription est obligatoire. Prix, a la liste de prix.

Avalanche-Workshop on snowshoes:
Zermatt,  Binn, Kandersteg, Gstaad
Reservation via this website!
Winter 2023-24:
November-April: daily on request.
Information can be  found in the "navigation bar" on the top left "Avalanche workshop"
Topic:  Dangers, problems with old and new snow, snow condition, avalanche problems, planification, factor human etc..
Cours  instructor by Heidi Bühler personell, snowshoe hiking tour guide cert, SMT-AGSM winter 3 cert, WSL-SLF snow ans avalanches A, trainer for endurance sports cert, AdA ZA-DL FESA1

These courses are also organized individually, on your desired date.

Registration and information until 5 p.m. the day before. Registration is required.  Price Fr.185.- each person.

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